I watched how a mob of uneducated, idiot Trump followers stormed the US Capitol. Made me want to storm the countryside that such a tiny percentage of people own 97% of. The protesting idiots in the US were in such wonder that they were there, in the white house. They were amazed how beautiful the building is, even taking time to stop and look and celebrate by smoking a joint under the rotunda. They were amazed how they had got into it, all pushing together.

It made me realise how we put up with all this shit capitalism deals us, but that we have strength in numbers. The difference between them and the way most people would normally be prepared to do things in Britain today was ‘brutality’, and the symbolism of the place in which they chose to express this. Does the power of the mob naturally bring brutality with it? For 7 hours there was nothing anyone could do about it until their leader called them off. Interesting and terrifying. It was as if pack mentality reined. It was how wolves act. Wolves follow their leader and fight to the death until called off by that leader. They are also prepared to turn on that leader in a moment if s/he showed weakness. Is there a way of changing things through strength and push together without brutality? Like Extinction rebellion maybe? Has this ever truly worked? Is the only way to follow the blueprint that nature provides us with? The strongest lives and the weakest dies. If the weak continue to live alongside the strong, then we are overrun with people. I’d like to think it doesn’t have to be like this. In our generation and in our time, strongest doesn’t necessarily mean most intelligent. Arguably it is intelligence that has the most significance today.